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Services we provide

Supporting radiotherapy services

● To be an expert commentator on all aspects of radiotherapy including CQC registration and inspection experience
● To be an expert advisor on IR(ME)R
● To act in a peer review capacity
● Undertake audits and compile comprehensive reports
● To act as a consultant or project manager for new builds/ departments
● Act as a consultant for circumstances where there is logistical change
● To support with any new service streams and types of service

Working closely with manufacturers in the Oncology sector

● To work with manufacturers to give an expert radiotherapy/ radiography opinion on the products or services they provide
● To support the training of new staff members if applicable in radiotherapy practice and other healthcare sectors
● To hold membership of and offer professional input on any corporate medical and clinical advisory boards
● To create and develop sales and marketing strategies for equipment suppliers and visit prospective clients as a distributor or consultant

To advise on any governance matter

● To support the client with any key policies and procedures to ensure a robust structure to support associated aspects of their service
● To give full support for the registration of healthcare services with appropriate bodies such as the CQC or HIW

To support mentorship and personal development

● To ensure facilitation of mentorship and clinical supervision for individuals
● To promote and facilitate full and active employee engagement with the employer
● To act as professional coach and mentor
● To have input into performance related issues where required
● To support working closely with any members of the client’s international colleagues to ensure full integration

To consult on management development

● To promote and develop management and team leadership skills by mentorship and demonstrating own experience
● To support performance management of direct reports
● To work with colleagues and clients as radiotherapy expert within change management frameworks advising on restructure, talent and succession planning

To provide learning and competency frameworks

● To design and deliver comprehensive induction programmes
● To work alongside client Human Resources personnel if appropriate to ensure that training strategies satisfy CPD and mandatory training requirements for the client’s staff.
● To support the client to ensure competency is recorded and kept up to date as a core feature of governance and where relevant service safety and to thus ensure any necessary standardisation
● Source and develop additional training in order to provide the opportunity for all staff to be developed in line with client succession plans
● To support the client to facilitate management of any associated trainees programme (eg students or professional placements) including establishing and reviewing relationships with key universities/colleges
● Support managers with aspects of one-one reviews/ appraisals for their staff members
● To be a connection to any appropriate professional bodies in the UK
● To give advice to other managers as appropriate regarding any performance management issues that arise eg due to non-compliance to client’s company procedures or staff member’s competency.

To help with resourcing

● To work closely with client on resourcing strategy, planning and forecasting
● To ensure that the highest calibre of staff are recruited to the client’s business
● To source suitable staff for the client via known contacts, agencies and relevant social media outlets
● To join clients at shortlisting, interview and decision-making stages of recruitment
● To help conduct appropriate exit interviews to support understanding of staff attrition using relevant metrics to make informed decisions surrounding resourcing

To support overseas recruitment

● To work closely with client on recruitment from overseas staffing pools and supporting with relevant registrations and certifications
● To work with relevant UKVI (UKVisa & Immigration) to support any non EEA migrants with the “on boarding process” into the UK


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